Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

First Mission, Part 3: A Murder of Goblins

Things Get Real

We all met up in the room of Eliza and Raina to discuss next steps. We were there just a few minutes before we heard what sounded like the laughter of children…coming from outside the window. Luke went to check it out, but after putting his head out the window he was pulled out by an apparent whirlwind! He was whipped around and thrown down to the ground, disoriented, bitten, and hellishly angry.

At that moment there was a scream from next door. Eliza and I ran next door and started pounding on the door; a curvy disheveled woman in lingerie opened the door. It was distracting, but I assume we said something intelligent because we ended up in her room while she ran to get Pete. The window was open and searching under the bed revealed a small green creature with wings! It looked intelligent and malevolent, and I sensed it could see into my mind when it said “I SEE you” and scurried farther back under the bed. I was rattled, knowing that IT knew that I was cobbled together and hideous to behold. Eliza was beseeching me to help her move the bed so we could capture the creature, but an odd fear had taken hold of me and instead I used an ancient spell I’d learned long ago, to evict demons and spirits. The creature flew back out the window at tremendous speed and slammed into the side of City Hall, falling to the ground with a wet sound. A bit more than I’d had in mind, but magic is mercurial in nature.

Naga had meanwhile gone downstairs and created a magical barrier, protecting us from the ball of whirling goblin faeries, for that is what they were, that wanted very much to grab us and drop us over a canyon. We ran downstairs to confront the whirling mass and try to get information on the missing children, as we were sure these evil Fae had something to do with their disappearances. Our attempts to communicate were met with stubborn defiance, and a promise that we would pay for killing their brother. Pete appeared with his wife at the door of the hotel, convinced that whatever these things were had to be what broke into their grow room. He fired a shotgun at them with no effect.

At this point, Raina decided there had been enough talking and that it was, in fact, time to flambé some Fae. She quietly went into the Hummer and donned her ACME Flamethrower. On her return she braced herself and shot a lance of flaming, jellied fuel…which the cloud of goblins avoided en masse, but which the side of the hotel could not. We watched in horror as the side of the hotel caught fire. The goblins cackled maniacally. Pete and his wife wept.

We had only been in town for a few hours at this point.



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