Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

First Mission, Final Chapter: A Murder of Goblins

Sharp Teeth

We parked, pulled our weapons, and approached from both sides of the door. Raina was sporting her flamethrower again, and decided to step in to the building. The change to darkness left her blind, but she heard the chittering of goblins and fired a stream of flame…which missed the goblins and congealed atop some heavy steel machinery. The goblins swooped down and grabbed Raina, biting her and trying to pull her up with them. Luke immediately stepped in with a knife attack of pin-point accuracy, dropping goblins and grabbing Raina. He appeared outside with her moments later. The team started breaking out windows in the hope of blinding the goblins with sunlight. They didn’t like it, but it wasn’t killing them either. I tried to go in through the roof but my heavy foot slipped…and I found myself hanging, surrounded by furious creatures. They enveloped me and pulled me from my handhold, biting me and spinning me about. Finally getting my bearings I slashed about with my knife, scoring several two-for-one hits and forcing the goblins to let go of me. It was a long fall but I landed well, with a resounding BOOM in the cavernous building.

I could hear the team discussing ways to burn the building down, and so could the goblins. They swept up in a tornadic mass and flew out the building, heading for town. We realized the queen was not here, and determined to follow the Fae into town.

Once in town I suggested that the queen must be at the undertaker’s building. The rest of the team however had accurately deduced that our target should be the Cloud Nine Diner, and that Anne could be involved.

Naga, Luke and I entered the diner through the back, while Eliza and Raina entered through the front. We immediately faced resistance in the kitchen but slew all the goblins that attacked. They were under more pressure in the dining room, and we burst out of the kitchen to find Anne lounging in a kind of harvest garden, completely nude, surrounded by a cloud of goblins. We had found the Alma Goblins Queen, and she was not happy.

An epic battle ensued, and it was obvious that Queen Anne had not expected us to arrive with effective weapons. We skillfully cut our way through the whirling mass of goblins, while Raina kept the attention of Anne herself by engaging her in questions, taunts and threats. Before long Eliza had crept up behind the Queen and slipped a poisoned garrote around her queenly neck. However Queen Anne would not go quietly into the night and put up a titanic struggle. At that point Raina dove forward with a long poisoned knife and thrust it into Anne’s heart. It was over.

We left the leaderless goblins crashing into windows and walls in the dining room while we made a hasty, but victorious escape back to our vehicle on the outskirts of town. We grabbed our equipment while everyone’s attention was riveted on the diner, and raced back to the airport. A Bombay martini in first class never tasted so sweet.



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