Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

Third Mission: I Dream of Djinni

He Who Fights Monsters Should Look to it That He Himself Does Not Become a Monster

This mission took us to New Mexico, where El Lobo was comfortable, Raina did some shopping, and Zeke was forced to abandon his trench coat in favor of a poncho.

Local archaeologist Dr. Laura Wade has gone missing and evidence of a supernatural ritual points to something the police won’t be able to handle. But can the team find her and save her—without killing her?

It is the most powerful adversary yet, and it will test the team’s very humanity. Along with their grasp on reality.

Unrelated clues begin to appear, both before and after the mission…but by the time the team figures them out, it’s too late: Jane is missing and the faeries have her!



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