Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

First Mission, Part 4: A Murder of Goblins

Motherfucking Snakes in the Motherfucking Police Car

Emergency vehicles began to show up, and the ball of goblins flew off to the south, tittering and mocking us as they left. Naga, Luke and me decided to give chase, while Eliza and Raina were shown to our new quarters in the Woman’s Hall next to City Hall. They began a necropsy of the creature we’d killed, while we raced off to find what we hoped was their lair.

We lost sight of them, but decided they must have gone to the graveyard. Naga parked in front of the locked gates and we did our usual attempt to lockpick, which ended with my usual anger and breaking of the lock. We walked in, separating to cover ground. Luke found what he thought was a faerie ring. While we were staring at it, we heard the distinctive whoop of a police siren, followed by a loud yell demanding that we exit immediately with our hands where we could see them.

We had run afoul of the local constabulary. Luckily, Naga saved us again through his use of the arcane arts: a swarm of Burmese Pythons appeared near the police car. We heard the police begin to scream, shots rang out, and we used the distraction to get away in our Hummer. HOWEVER the goblins had apparently been following us, as the Hummer was now pink, which made us look like we were successful cosmetics salesfolk. The goblins would pay, oh yes they would.

We arrived back at the Women’s Hall and Eliza let us know that her online inquires had borne fruit; a young woman who seemed knowledgeable confirmed they were goblins and told her that only special iron could harm them permanently—we would need to find this special iron. The team then went to sleep while I meditated deeply for a few hours. The peace was all too brief however as a rude knocking awoke us early that same morning. Then I remembered: we’d neglected to tell Eliza and Raina about our “incident” at the graveyard. It was the chief of police, and he was furious. Apparently the deputies had shot up their cruiser during the snake incident. Miraculously Raina was able to talk him down, with the understanding that any further problems from us would result in arrest, and that we were NOT welcome to join the search team for Amy.

It was time to explore the town in more detail, so we piled into the now-pink Hummer (Raina also not happy about that) and drove down to the café, which Anne had assured us was of low quality and run by weirdoes. It sounded much more our speed.

Upon arriving to the café, Eliza decided to go into a trance and try to detect any unusual patterns or presences. Suddenly she was thrust into a vision of the most horrific kind: “…dust motes in the forest…blonde hair…fingernails…blood…a body but not complete, MISSING THE BONES, just a skin…a man’s boot—the sheriff’s boot!” This put us all in a somber mood, as one of the missing children had blonde hair. Was the sheriff somehow involved?

We walked into the café and were greeted by an effusive woman of generous proportions who owned the place. Raina ordered all the food in the display case which seemed excessive but did put the owner into a very good mood towards us. She told us that Anne was ignorant, the sheriff was a good man who had come to her aid several times, and that she wasn’t afraid of rednecks. About this time I noticed she had certainly had many surgeries; I complimented her on the quality of the work her doctor had done, and she complimented mine. At that point I sensed the team staring at me and I realized that the woman had large hands and an Adam’s apple. I muttered some thanks and we headed out. This was not the queen we were looking for.



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