Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

First Mission, Part 1: A Murder of Goblins

And So It Begins

“Tiny," Sanya rumbled to Michael, clenching a demonstrative fist. "But fierce.”
—Dresden Files, Small Favor

There were five us on this particular mission, connected by our common desire to rid the world of unnatural evil. Some of us were connected closely; others had a more tenuous connection to the group, but we’d all worked together before. We knew we could trust each other, and that’s all that really matters.

The four humans, though natural and mortal, were all powerful in their own ways. Eliza Veda, who could see the patterns that others could not, connect the dots where others saw only chance and coincidence. Raina Kay, outwardly a harmless trust-fund baby but actually a skilled researcher, cataloger and mystic. Nagarajdah (Naga), part of an order that has always known and always fought the darkness, his knowledge of magic awesome. And Lucien Lesage (Luke), who learned that monsters exist the hardest way one can, leaving him scarred, motivated, and dangerous.

I am Ezekiel Freeman, or just Zeke. I was assembled from bits and pieces of dead humans, long ago, by a madman using science and magic. I rebelled from my maker and have spent the last 117 years trying to find and kill those who would make more like me. And trying to find and kill those just like me.



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