The Goblin Swarm

A Swarm of Goblins


Type: Minion/Plague
Motivation: Destroy the humans and bring their tasty bits to ‘Mother’.

Powers: Faery Raide, bite (individual)
Weaknesses: Cold iron, Magic, Rowan wood and berries
Attacks: Bite 2 harm intimate, Faery Raide 3 harm close
Armor: 0 Harm: 1 (individual), 6 as a swarm
Custom move: Faery Raide

The swarm will snatch individuals up and hold them in the air, tossing them from one goblin to another and completely disorienting them. The goblins will rip at the person with claws and teeth before dropping them from a height designed to hurt the individual.


The Goblin Swarm

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