Something Wicked This Way Comes : Let's Kill It

First Mission, Part 5: A Murder of Goblins

Police and Hunters in the Street

Splitting up yet again, Luke went to see if the police would talk to us. Naga and I would hike to the cabin of a fellow Hunter that he knew, that he’d been assured would be able to arm us with the iron and poison that we needed to fight the Fae. Eliza and Raina took the Hummer further up the road.

Luke successfully determined that a body had been found, but it was of Emily Taylor who had been missing for some time. The team in the Hummer came upon the crime scene just off the main drag to the south; police tape and a policeman were visible. They went to investigate after texting us.

Naga and I were successful in finding his contact, who armed us and told us to focus on the queen; killing individual goblins would not remove them as a threat. He would not join us in our fight however; he was disabled and disillusioned with the war against supernatural evil.

Luke eventually arrived to the crime scene. Attempts to infiltrate the scene had been a failure as the policeman in charge was distraught and actively hostile. Luke tired of waiting, as it does seem as though Hunters are always waiting for police to get out of the damn way. He attempted to question the officer regarding details, but unfortunately mentioned the graveyard incident…the officer drew his weapon and demanded Luke’s surrender. That wasn’t going to happen; Luke drew his weapon and fired at the officer. The officer returned fire and there was a short but intense firefight which left both of them wounded. The officer retreated to his vehicle to request backup and Eliza pulled Luke into the Hummer for an off-road escape. It had been very close.

She raced toward a collection of industrial buildings as fast as the off-road terrain would allow. Naga and I changed course to meet them. Somehow Raina beat us all there…but there was no time for questions. On Eliza’s arrival the inside of the Hummer looked like a combat ambulance, blood everywhere. Naga worked his magic to cure Luke, successfully. We breathed a huge sigh of relief and investigated the buildings, but there was nothing. Seeing another collection of industrial buildings west of us, we armed ourselves with iron daggers and poison-coated swords and drove over.

You didn’t have to be a Hunter to know there was something off about this place.



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